Welcome to Pre-Alpha Demo 3.X of Homestrife 4 1/3!


1. Known MINIMUM System Requirements
2. Default Keyboard Controls
3. Gameplay Information

1. Known MINIMUM System Requirements

- A graphics card that supports OpenGL 2 minimum
- Windows Vista (ie. Higher than Windows XP)

2. Default Keyboard Controls

Controls are fully redefinable. You can also use Gamepads/controllers(recommended), but you will need to define them manually, as the game doesn't automatically detect and define controllers.

Note that if you define an analog stick for movement, the controls will become Smash Bros style, with "smashes" replacing double taps for dashes.

Player 1

Up: W
Left: A
Right: D
Down: S
Jump: H
Light Attack: G
Heavy Attack: B
Block: K
Pause: Z
Menu Confirm: G
Menu Back: H

Player 2

Up: P
Left: L
Right: '
Down: ;
Jump: Numpad 5
Light Attack: Numpad 4
Heavy Attack: Numpad 1
Block: Numpad 6
Pause: Numpad 0
Menu Confirm: Numpad 4
Menu Back: Numpad 5

Player 3 and 4 have no default controls. Gamepads/controllers are highly recommended in general, but DEFINITELY for more than 2 players.

System Controls:
Enter: Menu Confirm
ESC: Menu Back

If you want to reset your controls, delete the config.xml in the Homestrife root folder.

3. Gameplay Information

Movement Controls While Grounded:
-Double-tap Left or Right to dash in that direction. Alternately, "smash" the analog stick left or right.
-When standing on a raised platform, hold down and press Jump to drop down through it
-Tap jump briefly for a short hop, and hold it a little longer for a full jump.

Movement Controls While Airborn:
-Hold left or right to alter your trajectory.
-Press jump again to double-jump. This can't be done after air dashing.
-Double-tap the direction you are facing to air-dash in that direction. Alternately, "smash" the analog stick left or right. This can't be done after double-jumping.
-Hold both down and jump simultaneously to fall through raised platforms. You won't double jump if you press the jump button while holding down.

Press the Light Attack button to execute an attack. You'll get different attacks if you hold up, down, or forward while pressing the attack button. You'll also get another attack if you hold backward while airborn.

After striking with a Light Attack that was executed without holding a direction, press Light Attack again to automatically combo into the forward-held version.

Hold forward and press the heavy attack button while on the ground to execute a particular heavy attack. More to come!

Do a quarter circle forward motion (down, then down-forward, then forward) and press the light attack button to execute a special move. This will work on the ground or in the air. Again, more to come!

Press the block button to block incoming attacks. This will only block damage from the front. Attacks will still do damage while blocking, 10% damage. This is known as Chip Damage. Chip damage can not kill you, but will leave you a minimum of 1 health.

Either deplete your opponents health or knock them off of the stage to elimiate one of their lives (the red numbers under the health bars). When a player's lives drops to zero, they have lost.