Missing DLL's
If the game asks you for MSVCP100.dll. You'll have to download and install the Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x86). You can download it right here.

If it asks for MSVCP110.dll, you'll need the Microsoft Visual C++ 2012 Redistributable Package (x86), which can be found here.

Not Valid Application
If you get an error stating the game is "not a valid win32 application", this unfortunately means you're running a version of Windows that is too old, ie. Windows XP. This game seems to require at least Windows Vista. Windows 7 recommended.

Game closes/won't open
If after running Homestrife.exe and a black window pops up then instantly closes, this means that you're getting an error of some sort. Check the log for details. Same goes if the game, seemingly, randomly closes.

"ERROR: OpenGL shaders and/or buffer objects are not enabled"
If you get this error, it means your version of OpenGL is too old(less than v2.0). If it tells you this despite the log file saying you have OpenGL 2 or above, update your graphics drivers if possible. If this doesn't solve the issue, we're afraid it might be a lost cause.

Game doesn't run on your version of Linux
Give us all the details we need. Specs, OS version, etc. We don't have much experience in Linux, nor the wide variety of systems to test it on. Any information you can give us will help us improve compatibility. We will try to fix the compatibility issue and link you to an update as soon as possible.