This is a solo, personal project.

“Welcome to the Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza Experience. Walkaround the atmospheric Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza restuarant from the original Five Nights at Freddy’s game. There are no jump scares in this experience(yet?). It’s simply a static, uneventful(though somewhat unnerving) environment to explore and interact with.”

Ever since the first Five Nights at Freddy’s game came out, I imagine many have wanted to experience it in the Rift. I know I have. I’m aware of at least one project making a FnaF clone, but since it’s an original map/layout, it’s not quite what I wanted. All I’ve really wanted to do was, at the very least, be able to walk around the original map in VR. It is cool exploring the Gmod versions outside of VR, but without native VR support I’m not interested in even trying it out.

Basically, I’m trying to make it as accurate as possible in terms of lighting, texture, and geometry, short of asking Scott Cawthon himself for material. I can only do so much with the lighting due to inconsistencies and impossibilities from the original game(pretty sure the whole building is split into rooms across multiple files). Impossible to completely match textures and geometry with the reference material I have, but doing the best I can by eye.

I don’t currently have plans to make it into a full blown FNaF clone since I don’t have the programming know-how for that. I do have ideas, but it would require collaboration to bring an actual game to fruition.



Touchpad Touch – Aim Teleport
Touchpad Click – Teleport
Grip Button – Grab item
Trigger – Interact/Use grabbed item
Application Menu Button – Return to title


This is a VR title and requires a HTC Vive.

FFPE 0.6 [102mb]



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