Homestrife 4 1/3


Homestrife was a fan-community made multiplayer fighting game project based on Homestuck by Andrew Hussie. Our goal was to create a Smash Bros-esque fighting game that sticks true to the original source material. We hoped to create rich, deep fighting fighting mechanics that anyone can play, but would appeal to high level, competitive players as well. Unfortunately, due to various reasons(one of which was not being shutdown/C&D’d), as of September 2014, this project was put on permanant hiatus. Public repository and source files made available as of April 2019.


Homestrife is a platform fighting game. Each character has a visible health-bar and limited health points. There’s 2 different ways to knock out your opponent. The typical way is to reduce your opponents health points to zero. The alternate way is to knock them out-of-bounds.

As of the final Pre-Alpha version 3.5 release, there are only 3 playable characters, of varying levels of progress, and 3 stages.


Known issues/Troubleshooting


Pre-Alpha Demo 3.5(Windows) [12.8mb]

Pre-Alpha Demo 3.5(Linux) [14.5mb]

Working source [535mb]

GitHub Link


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